My first (of many) Medium’s article (in English)

I’ll be just present me... in English.

Rafael Pinho
Mar 28, 2016

Known as Pinho, I’m Rafael, I’m 23 years old, live in a community at Rio de Janeiro since I was born. I live alone since 19 years. Nevertheless, I get along with my parents.

I study English since February and japanese since december 2015. Among these and other languages I learned, are the programming languages Javascript , PHP and C#.

I’m web developer freelancer 3 years ago. In the free time I like to read books or internet articles, study more reading articles in english, spanish and japanese, walk, play guittar, and developing software.

I also like to write. I’ll write here some personal challenges (like this article in English), reflections, ideas, tips, and more thinks.

Thank you very much!

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Rafael Pinho

Developer in love with development, electronics and coffee. Follow me and try to understand my ideas.