How to build picotool on Manjaro Linux

Rafael Pinho
1 min readOct 26, 2023

Hello. Now I’ve tried to install picotool, but all scripts are made to works only over Windows, WSL or linux using `apt` as package manager.

After a few minutes and so many tries getting only the error “CmakeCache: LibUSB not found”, I could build and use it (tested on Manjaro x64 and Orange Pi):

  1. Clone pico-sdk:
  2. Set PICO_SDK_PATH with the cloned directory in your .bashrc or .zsh file.
  3. Clone picotool:
  4. Check if you have libusb installed. If not, install: `sudo pacman -S libusb`
  5. Now build the project: `mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make`
  6. And done! Look the `picotool` executable inside build directory. Now you can use it. I copied to a tool directory.

I hope I could help you! If you find another solution or get another error, please, give some claps and fell free to comment here. Thank you!



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